Don’t want to spend your life cleaning? Concerned about the toxic chemicals used by other cleaning companies?

Look no further than Bella’s House Cleaning!

Thank you for supporting a local Colorado business! Serving the Fort Collins area, including Wellington, Loveland, Windsor, and Bellevue, our cleaning company specializes in clean spaces and friendly faces. We use only non-toxic chemicals that are safe for the whole family – even the animals and plants – and we are dedicated to bringing health and well-being to our customers’ lives. Serving both residential and commercial customers, we believe that your environment, or your second skin, contributes greatly to your overall health. Our promise to you is that we won’t bring anything into your home or office ecosystem that would do harm. We treat our customers like family. We would never introduce anything toxic to our family – so why would we bring anything of the sort into our customer’s spaces? In addition to using only non-toxic cleaning products, we can add ‘smudging’, or the ancient practice of purifying the air with burning sage, to any professional cleaning service. Thank you for supporting a healthy space for children, pets, and “more-experienced” children, as we all have a youthful spirit in us! We are with you if you want your space to not only be clean, but healthy, and we promise to always work with that in mind.

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