From the owner, Sandra:

Cleaning runs in my family. I grew up helping my grandmother, Martha, with her home cleaning business. Now, many years later, not only her business but also her passion for cleaning and quality customer service have been passed down in the family.

Today, Bella’s House Cleaning is a family-owned, family-operated cleaning company serving Fort Collins, Loveland, Bellvue Wellington, and all towns in-between. Bella is my daughter, and she is the reason I clean. As such, it’s only fitting that this business is named in her honor. This eco-friendly cleaning business is not only a way to provide for her and the rest of my family, but it’s also how I teach her about hard work and serving others by bringing wellness into their homes, their offices, their temples.

We are proud of where we came from, and we are proud of who we have become. Our customers love our cleaning agency because we are dependable, dedicated to excellence, and most importantly, Bella’s House Cleaning leaves your space CLEAN and SMELLING GREAT. Many customers have commented that their space stays clean long after we’re gone, and the wonderful, clean smells stick around even longer.

Because we firmly believe that health begins not only with what you put in your body, but also what your surround yourself with, we use only natural, non-toxic cleaning products. Your home, office, or place of business is your temple – your ‘second skin’ where you absorb whatever surrounds you. Thanks to our commitment to bringing health back into cleaning, every product used is safe for children, adults, and plants. In addition, our professional cleaners offer customized cleaning services where our customers can choose from various essential oils to tailor the lasting scent and clean feeling in each room to their liking.

Our cleaning company is dedicated to providing excellent customer service from the moment we first walk in the door. Bringing a positive mindset and refreshing attitude to our customers and workspaces, we work hard to ensure your space is thoroughly and satisfactorily cleaned – every time. Every professional cleaning session ends with a final quality check, and our customers get the final word on whether a job is truly finished. As part of our service guarantee, we also go above and beyond to offer a free touch-up within 48 hours of finishing a job, in the event that anything is missed.

Bella’s House Cleaning is your new go-to for all of your non-toxic cleaning needs, and it would be our pleasure to serve you. Please contact us today!