Our Products

At Bella’s House Cleaning, we firmly believe that what surrounds your body is just as important as what goes into it. Regular “temple maintenance”, or the practice of keeping a clean, healthy space, is a great habit to build. We never use toxic chemicals, and all of the products we use are safe for children, adults, animals, and plants. Our cleaning agency treats our customers like family and is careful to do no harm while cleaning. We are unique in this way, as we are the only commercial and residential cleaning company in Boulder County that will not only clean, but actually show you how to support non-toxic healthy spaces, re-balance your skin, use less cleaning products overall, and reduce your water use.

We also use essential oils while we clean in an effort to deliver a satisfying and long-lasting result, as well as a great smell. Our customers can choose from a variety of essential oils and even customize the smell of each room. Perhaps you love the smell of fresh citrus or invigorating basil in your kitchen or office, or relaxing lavender in the bedrooms? We can make it happen.

Because quality, non-toxic cleaning products can only support your health and not harm it, we share tips, tricks, and technology with our clients to help them take charge of their health in small, yet effective ways. As a sneak peek, here are two product lines that we use both at work and at home. Bella’s House Cleaning now offers these to the public. We are the only cleaners that do this – are we wrong?


NanoSeptic Surfaces

Is it crazy to think that one day our houses and offices will clean themselves? Some areas get dirty very fast, such as door handles, tissue boxes, and mouse pads. No need to travel to the future or wait years for this technology – we have you covered!

NanoSeptic surfaces are powered by light. They enable a surface to clean itself using ultraviolet light (like the sun) to create an oxidizing reaction, which will naturally rid the surface of contaminants. We sell various NanoSeptic touchpoints for frequently touched areas, such as wraps for door handles, door push pads, tissue box covers, desk mats, and even place mats for children. These touchpoints can be used in homes, offices, gyms, or anywhere else that people frequent. Nanoseptic surfaces are now being used all over the world – look for them the next time you’re out in public!

NanoSeptic products help to keep your spaces clean while we are away. By eliminating harmful pathogens, you can promote the health and wellness of your family, friends, clients, or employees. Most importantly, NanoSeptic has no toxic chemicals or heavy metals and is completely safe for all adults, children, animals, and plants.