Bella’s House Cleaning creates custom cleaning solutions to tailor our world-class services and time-tested recipes to the customer’s needs. We clean offices, businesses, and homes, all of which can be arranged for scheduled weekly or bi-weekly cleaning projects, or simply a one-time deep clean.

Our cleaning company is committed to bringing health and wellness back into cleaning. Your home or office is your temple, and we commit to treat your space as such. Because of this, we use only natural, non-toxic cleaning products for all of our cleaning services, and all products used are safe for children, adults, animals, and plants. Our customers can opt to add essential oils to our products as well so that their home, office, or business is both clean and smelling great.

In addition to offering green cleaning services, we also give our customers the option to add ‘smudging’ to any cleaning session for an additional $5. Smudging is the ancient practice of using medicinal plant smoke to purify the air. We commonly use sage for this practice, as it has distinct antimicrobial healing properties. Studies have shown that smudging can reduce pathogenic (harmful) bacteria by up to 94% within an hour of application, and this natural disinfectant effect can last for three days or more.

Bella’s House Cleaning is bonded and insured, and our residential and commercial cleaning rates are competitive with other larger cleaning companies, including those that use toxic cleaning agents and less-than-beneficial chemicals. You can rest easy hiring our professional, dependable cleaning agency and trust that we will only bring non-toxic cleaners and positive mindsets into your space.

Some people clean because it’s their job. We clean because it’s our passion. We are in this business because cleaning is what we love to do. This is what sets us apart from our competition, and we are committed to bringing this passion to your home or workplace every time.

Still unsure if Bella’s House Cleaning is the choice for you? We offer FREE local estimates in the Wellington, Loveland, Windsor, Fort Collins, and Bellevue areas. Give us a call today to find out more!

More About Our Services


In addition to cleaning, we can help organize your space to make things feel more orderly and in place. This is a skill we sharpen and use often, so feel free to call upon us in anyway that we can help de-stress your space!


Have a lobby or large hallway that needs tending to? Office and apartment entrances are especially important for impressions because of their high volume of traffic. Let us help you create the best first impression for your customers!

Deep Cleaning 

We offer the best deep cleaning services. This service includes vacuuming and scrubbing bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and hallways. In addition, we get all of those hard-to-reach areas including baseboards and light fixtures. Let us know what you need done and we will take on the challenge of those tough jobs that land within our scope.

Light Clean

Want a clean house, but don’t quite need a deep cleaning? Our light cleaning services usually involve vacuuming the home without moving furniture, and wiping down bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. Unlike our deep cleans, we do not clean baseboards or light fixtures. Each client has unique needs, so we are flexible to suit yours.

Commercial Cleaning

Do you desire to provide a clean space for you and your employees to work happily and healthfully? We always used blends that help oxygen get to the brain to aid with function and productivity.

Regular Appointments

We are happy to help however often you need us! Need biweekly or monthly cleanings? Let us know and we are happy to schedule regular cleaning visits. We request you give us proper notice, however, as we book up quickly. Call today and check for availability!

Thank YOU for supporting a local business, and letting us keep your space healthy and clean!